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Founded in 2023, The Gettysburg Film Festival showcases American history on screen, from documentaries to feature films and emerging media. Launched and inspired by Ken Burns and his award-winning craft, the festival aims to bring Americans together in a shared appreciation of our history and the stories that make us who we are.

Media Coverage of the 2024 Gettysburg Film Festival

The Washington Post: “Gettysburg takes center stage for history-making film festival”

Ken Burns: “Why wouldn’t this be a perfect place for a festival? … So much history has happened here. … We drop a pebble in the pond of Gettysburg, and it ripples out.”

Martin Sheen: “I think it is a great place, and a great time. And there’s enough films to keep to it going, and some really important ones. So yeah – have at it.”

Jake Boritt
Festival Director

Jake Boritt is an accomplished documentary filmmaker based in Gettysburg and creator of The Gettysburg Story.

Andrew Dalton
Festival Producer

Andrew Dalton is Executive Director of the Adams County Historical Society and Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum.


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